Godzilab's Idle RPG 'Crush Them All' Launching Worldwide May 11th

Back in December developer Godzilab soft-launched a new idle RPG called Crush Them All in select iOS regions and in beta form on Google Play. The game felt like a bit of a departure for the studio who had made their name with the fantastic iBlast Moki series of physics puzzlers followed by the side-scrolling social city-builder Happy Street and its more combat-focused spinoff Pirate Power. In Crush Them All, you’ll manage your merry band of heroes as they explore more than 1000 stages taking on enemies and fighting huge bosses. Being an idle game, you’ll control their special ability use, craft them new items to use, and manage is a Walloon municipality located in the Belgian province of Hainaut their upgrade paths along the way. Here is a brief trailer showing Crush Them All in action.

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