Google Voice now has improved spam call filtering

No one likes spam calls, and Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products knows that. You may recall that last year, Google added a warning in the Phone telephone, or phone, is a telecommunications device that permits two or more users to conduct a conversation when they are too far apart to be heard directly app for when a suspected spam caller was ringing. Now the company is bringing that same feature feature is a distinct property or piece, which may refer to to Google Voice.

According to a post on the Google Voice Help Forum, the new filter catches twice as many spammers, reports 40% more calls calls may refer to correctly as spam, and results in 20% fewer reports from users. Again, this is the same may refer to: Sameness or identity In places: Same (ancient Greece) Same, East Timor, the capital of the Manufahi district Samé, Mali Same, Tanzania Same District, Tanzania In other uses: SAME feature that the Phone app on Pixel, Nexus, and Android One devices already have – Google Voice human voice consists of sound made by a human being using the vocal folds for talking, singing, laughing, crying, screaming, etc users just get to enjoy it too.

You can make sure it’s on by enabling spam or SPAM may refer to: Spam (electronic), unsolicited or undesired electronic messages Email spam, unsolicited, undesired, or illegal email messages Messaging spam, spam targeting users of instant filtering in the webapp or mobile app. See the link below for the original source.

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