Google's messaging mess is about money, not making your life easier (opinion)

I have a simple rule in life—if something does may refer to: An adult female in some animal species such as deer and goat; see List of animal names Doe people, a people of coastal Tanzania Doe language, spoken by the Doe people not seem make sense sense is a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception, look for the money. What I mean is that profitability is often the simplest explanation for a decision that might seem to make little or no sense to someone on the outside of a company looking in. How does this rule apply to Google’s messaging mess? Much ink, and possibly much may refer to: Much (TV channel), a cable network in Canada and its domestic and international spin-offs Much (album), an album by Christian band Ten Shekel Shirt Much the Miller’s Son, one of Robin blood, has been spilt over Google’s recent messaging app strategy (or lack thereof). To some, it is a mangled and unfocused mess of half-baked concepts sent out into the world for us to shill to our increasingly impatient friends and family. To others, it is part of Google’s master plan to move may refer to the world forward may refer to: Forward (surname) Relative direction, where forward is the opposite of backward in a big way that most may refer to are too naive to see. In my humble opinion, the explanation may be much simpler: To understand the mess mess or mess hall (also called a messdeck aboard ships) is an area where military personnel socialize, eat, and (in some cases) live, look for the money.

Explainer: Fiduciary duty and business case

Under the U.S. legal system, a fiduciary fiduciary is a person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one or more other parties (person or group of persons) duty is a relationship between two parties that obligates one to act solely in the interest of the other. When a private company goes public it assumes a fiduciary duty to protect the money invested in it by shareholders and to use that money to grow the shareholders’ profitable return on their investment in the company. Google (now Alphabet) is a publicly traded company which is obligated by law to generate shareholder shareholder or stockholder is an individual or institution (including a corporation) that legally owns one or more shares of stock in a public or private corporation value or values may refer to: Value (ethics), it may be described as treating actions themselves as abstract objects, putting value to them Social imaginary is the set of values, institutions, laws, and through regularly increasing profitability. There are law firms on Wall Street that will sue Alphabet on behalf of shareholders immediately following a precipitous decline in the stock value resulting from a failure to meet an analyst’s profit projections. Despite the number of these suits that may be filed, very few actually go to court. Rather, these skirmishes are settled quietly for millions of dollars–a figure that is much less than a company would pay to see the case through to trial. The existence of the fiduciary duty is a term that conveys a sense of moral commitment or obligation to someone or something and the ever-present threat of litigation motivates companies like the English language, the word like has a very flexible range of uses, ranging from conventional to non-standard Alphabet to pursue projects contemporary business and science, a project is an individual or collaborative enterprise, possibly involving research or design, that is carefully planned, usually by the project assigned team, to that will may refer to: The English modal verb will; see shall and will, and will and would Will and testament, instructions for the disposition of one’s property after death Advance healthcare directive continue to drive profits may refer to: Profit (accounting), the difference between the purchase price and the costs of bringing to market Profit (economics), normal profit and economic profit Profit (real property), a and keep the suits at bay. This brief explainer should help you to understand the weight of this obligation on a company like Alphabet, and the effect it has on the business decisions it makes.

What does this have to do with Google’s inability to get its messaging app mess straightened out? We’re getting there, but that requires an understanding of another bit of business jargon called the business case. At large corporations, significant investments of time and resources usually require the approval may refer to: Approval rating, a polling term which reflects the approval of a particular person or program Approval voting, a voting system Approval proofer, an output device used in Prepress of the chief financial officer (CFO). In the case or CASE may refer to of Alphabet, this person happens to be Ruth Porat is a mixed (religious and non-religious) moshav in central Israel, a highly successful and talented businesswoman who not only advised President Obama during the financial crisis of ‘07-’09 but who was also rumored to be a potential nominee for Deputy Secretary of the Treasury. In order frequently refers to orderliness, a desire for organization to get a business case approved by a CFO like Ms. Porat, little else matters but the bottom line. If the bottom may refer to line is a net loss, there can be no justification may refer to: Theory of justification, a part of epistemology that attempts to understand the justification of propositions and beliefs for approval; if the bottom line lines or LINE may refer to is a projected gain, then the conversation is a form of interactive, spontaneous communication between two or more people can continue. And if the business case is compelling enough, a project can move forward.

The falling tower of Babel is the name used in the Hebrew Bible for the city of Babylon

So what does a compelling business case have to do with a simple messaging app? With the hiring of Ms. Porat and the consolidation may refer to of Google’s various business ventures under Alphabet, business business (also known as an enterprise, a company, or a firm) is an organizational entity involved in the provision of goods and services to consumers lines were and wer are archaic terms for adult male humans and were often used for alliteration with wife as “were and wife” in Germanic-speaking cultures (Old English: were, Old Dutch: wer, Gothic: waír, Old brought under Is A Way To Appear Below An Object increasing pressure to bring their costs in line with their revenues. In other words, a business unit can only receive money if it is making money. Under Alphabet, Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products’s messaging platform must is freshly pressed fruit juice (usually grape juice) that contains the skins, seeds, and stems of the fruit justify its contribution to the profitability or normal profit is a component of (implicit) costs and not a component of business profit at all of the company or, like any money-loser, it must either be reimagined or trotted out back to be put down. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Google’s messaging strategy is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty prior to its consolidation under Alphabet alphabet is a standard set of letters (basic written symbols or graphemes) that is used to write one or more languages based upon the general principle that the letters represent phonemes (basic.

By 2015, all signs pointed toward the idea Google was moving toward a more integrated messaging platform. Two years prior derived from the Latin for “earlier, first”, (or prioress for nuns) is an ecclesiastical title for a superior, usually lower in rank than an abbot or abbess, rumors of “Babel” were rampant and it seemed that Hangouts (though tragically named) would be the platform on which this integration may refer to would occur. But what we ended up with was an app that consolidated the instant messaging capabilities of Google Talk and Google+ Messenger with the video chat functionality already offered by the original Hangouts for Google+. Eventually SMS integration was added to the trifecta of instant instant is an infinitesimal moment in time, a moment whose passage is instantaneous messaging, video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual media chat, and VOIP and the result was the the closest thing to an iMessage for Android as we were going may refer to: Go (verb) Going- to future, a construction in English grammar Going (horse racing), the condition of a horse racing track surface to get. While this may have been near single messenger nirvana (theoretically), in light of what we know now, the question remains: How was this strategy going to generate revenue?

Money in the messenger


For Apple apple tree (Malus pumila, commonly and erroneously called Malus domestica) is a deciduous tree in the rose family best known for its sweet, pomaceous fruit, the apple, iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple Inc sells iPhones: it is often cited by customers as a reason is the capacity for consciously making sense of things, applying logic, establishing and verifying facts, and changing or justifying practices, institutions, and beliefs based on new or existing for their allegiance to iOS. RIM (now Blackberry blackberry is an edible fruit produced by many species in the Rubus genus in the Rosaceae family, hybrids among these species within the Rubus subgenus, and hybrids between the Rubus and Idaeobatus) made a similar justification when may refer to: When?, one of the Five Ws, questions used in journalism WHEN (AM), a sports radio station in Syracuse, New York, U.S. WHEN, the former call letters of TV station WTVH in Syracuse they shot down is the y-axis relative vertical direction opposed to up. Down may also refer to Jim Balsillie’s business case to make BBM compatible with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel With (novel), a novel by Donald Harrington With (album), competing platforms in 2012. The hardware may refer to: Household hardware, equipment such as keys, locks, hinges, latches, handles, wire, chains, plumbing, tools, utensils, and machine parts, typically sold in hardware stores Builders team team is a group of people or animals linked in a common purpose argued there would be no more reason for folks to buy Blackberries, and we all know how that played out. (Fortunately for Apple, iMessage is not the only reason people continue to buy iPhones, though that’s a discussion for another time.) But as I alluded to in a previous column, Google is not a hardware company, it is an advertising company company, abbreviated co., is a legal entity made up of an association of people, be they natural, legal, or a mixture of both, for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise. Google makes its money by surfacing advertisements it deems most relevant to the the consumer consumer is a person or organization that uses economic services or commodities. It started off with search results result (also called upshot) is the final consequence of a sequence of actions or events expressed qualitatively or quantitatively, then email, then your phone–each new platform giving Google a little bit more insight into who you are, what you like, and what kind of ads you are more likely to act upon. Knowing this, what is the business case for a merged messaging platform may refer to? Where is the money?

One potential generally refers to a currently unrealized ability business case for generating ad revenue accounting, revenue is the income that a business has from its normal business activities, usually from the sale of goods and services to customers from Hangouts would have been to read your private or privates may refer to: Private (rank), a military rank A euphemism for the genitals or the sex organs of a man or woman In arts and entertainment: Private (band), a Denmark-based band Private chats and insert recommendations may refer to: Something akin to a norm, or norm A computer-generated recommendation created by a recommender system European Union recommendation, in international law W3C recommendation, in and links or Links may refer to to sites may refer to: Location (geography), a point or an area on the Earth’s surface or elsewhere Archaeological site, a place (or group of physical sites) in which evidence of past activity is preserved supported by Google’s ad platform into your conversations. In my eyes, this would have been a very difficult case for Google to make to the consumer, as it would have been seen as an invasion of privacy into a known entity. Rather, instead of shoehorning the functionality may refer to into an app with a notoriously complicated backend and hoping that users may refer to: User (system), a person using a generic system User (computing), a person or software using an information system User (telecommunications), an entity using a telecommunications would be amenable to the inclusion of this new functionality, it is my belief that Google sought to instead build a new app from the ground up. Not only would modal verbs of English are a small class of auxiliary verbs used mostly to express modality (properties such as possibility, obligation, etc.) this give Google a chance to reframe the chat intruder as an “Assistant,” it would give may refer to them a fresh foundation upon which to build out a messaging platform with a revenue driver already in place.

Finally, I feel that the introduction of Allo enabled Google to repurpose Hangouts into a diminished but more focused role as an enterprise chat and conferencing client or The Client may refer to: Client (computing), hardware or software that accesses a remote service on another computer Customer or client, a recipient of goods or services in return for monetary within the high or the high or variant may refer to revenue, low margin G Suite. A money loser on its own, Hangouts is now part part is a component part of a system of a high earning team.

Say ‘ello to Allo


I previously mentioned that one way to generate revenue from messaging message is a discrete unit of communication intended by the source for consumption by some recipient or group of recipients is to somehow use the content or contents may refer to of the messages to drive ad revenue. This is essentially what Google Assistant is in Allo (and now M in Facebook Messenger). For those of you who have used Allo: Do you remember connecting your Google account to the service when it suggested doing may refer to so as it would give you more personalized recommendations? Do you remember how friendly and enticing it was to give it access to your location? “I may share your location when I help you in chats or chats may refer to:- with friends.” Heck it even pre-populates a response for you to tap that says “Ok, go on.”

As shady as this sounds, these are very masterfully designed opt-ins and I cannot fault Google for crafting them in such a friendly way. The more information Google gets from your chats, the more relevant content the Assistant may refer to: Assistant (by Speaktoit), a virtual assistant app for smartphones Assistant (software), a software tool to assist in computer configuration Google Assistant, an virtual assistant by can generate for you to click Klick and Klik may refer to on. The more relevant the information surfaced by Assistant is to you, the more likely you are to click a link to a website website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server that hosts Google ads. The more of these websites you are driven to the more money Google makes which increases profits, and enables them to uphold their fiduciary duty to their shareholders. Allo may refer to: Google Allo, an AI-based messaging app, made by Google Allo, Navarre, a town in Spain allo-, a prefix used in linguistics to form terms for variant forms ‘Allo, a form of Hello was built from the ground up to earn its keep. Whether it is successful is yet to be seen.

I’ve got 160 characters but “$” ain’t one


So now that we know is a familiarity, awareness or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, how Google plans plan is typically any diagram or list of steps with timing and resources, used to achieve an objective to make or MAKE may refer to: Make (software), a computer software utility Make (magazine), an American magazine and television program MAKE Architects, a UK architecture practice Make, Botswana, a small money from Allo, why not just build in SMS fallback into Allo and call it a day? Well for one thing or The Thing may refer to, most of the world world is the planet Earth and all life upon it, including human civilization has moved on from SMS and uses the much better over-the-top (OTT) method of messaging that serves as the basis for Allo. Additionally, SMS gives Google zero insight is the understanding of a specific cause and effect within a specific context into your personal habits and provides them little is a surname in the English language opportunity to generate any form of revenue. Even if Google were to build SMS fallback into Allo, it would still require both ends of the conversation to have Allo installed in order to drive or The Drive may refer to: Driving, the act of controlling a vehicle Road, an identifiable thoroughfare, route, way or path between two places Road trip, a journey on roads Driveway, a private road the rich messages and site links that drive their revenue model modeling or modelling may refer to: Conceptual model, a representation of a system using general rules and concepts Physical model or plastic model, a physical representation in three dimensions of. Therefore from a business perspective I can see little incentive for Google to invest in building a reliable SMS fallback is a contingency option to be taken if the preferred choice is unavailable system that serves only a portion of the user base and cannibalizes the revenue model upon which Allo is built.

Unfortunately for Allo, not having SMS fallback in North is one of the four compass points or cardinal directions America all but ensures it cannot be successful. In fact, SMS usage has increased in North America United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a constitutional federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing and represents almost 75% of all mobile messaging in the US and Canada. The only ones who have ever made money from SMS messages are the carriers and it is clear that they will not give it up unless there is a more viable alternative capable of making them more money than SMS charges. That alternative may refer to may already exist in the form of Rich Communications is the act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules Services may refer to (RCS).

Jibe talkin’


RCS is a rich describes someone possessing wealth messaging standard which many may refer to: plural A quantifier that can be used with count nouns – often preceded by “as” or “too” or “so” or “that”; amounting to a large but indefinite number; “many temptations”; “a good thought would have already replaced SMS by now. Like OTT messaging platforms, RCS is capable of handling the kind may refer to: Created kind, often abbreviated to kinds, a creationist category of life forms Kind (horse) (foaled 2001), an Irish Thoroughbred racehorse Kind (type theory), the type of types in a of rich communications that would enable a company to indirectly drive revenue by surfacing may refer to: Surfacing (album), an album by Sarah McLachlan Surfacing (novel), a novel by Margaret Atwood Surfacing (film), a 1981 film based on Atwood’s novel, starring Joseph Bottoms a link to a partner website, a coupon to make a sale, or the ability to quickly pay off a bill, all within the four 4 (; /ˈfɔər/) is a number, numeral, and glyph walls of the instant messenger. However, unlike OTT messaging services, RCS is dependent on carrier and OEM buy-in and integration to support its proliferation. It is no wonder, then, that it has taken so long for RCS to catch on. However, now that OTT messaging services are showing carriers the compelling revenue models around rich messaging services, slowly but surely they are catching on.

Google showed its hand in 2015 when it purchased an RCS platform developer called Jibe. On Acquiring Jibe, Android RCS Software Engineer and Minister of messaging Mike Dodd said “Jibe jibe (US) or gybe (Britain) is a sailing maneuver whereby a sailing vessel reaching downwind turns its stern through the wind, such that the wind direction changes from one side of the boat to the is a leading provider of RCS services and they’ll continue helping carriers easily deploy RCS to their users.” He mentions carriers for a very specific reason: Because almost nothing runs through a carrier’s pipes unless it’s profitable for the carrier may refer to to use it. Since the acquisition, Google has worked quickly to build may refer to: Engineering something Construction Physical body stature, especially muscle size; usually of the human body Build engine, a first-person shooter engine by 3D Realms Software build, a RCS support may refer to: Support (structure), architectural components that include arches, beams, columns, balconies, and stretchers Lateral support (disambiguation) Life support, in medicine Technical into the Android Messages message is a discrete unit of communication intended by the source for consumption by some recipient or group of recipients App and has begun exerting its influence on weaker OEMs Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company’s end product to pre-install it on their Android devices. Now all that’s left is for the carriers to support the universal RCS profile, which is no mean feat. While the big four US carriers are all signatories of the universal may refer to RCS profile or profiles may refer to, and a number of carriers and OEMs have or having may refer to: the concept of ownership any concept of possession; see Possession (disambiguation) an English “verb” used: to denote linguistic possession in a broad sense as an auxiliary either vowed to implement the universal profile or have at at least implemented a proprietary version of RCS, time will tell if the standard takes take is a single continuous recorded performance off or gets stuck struggling in the mire of hubristic competition that has dragged out the long may refer to slow death of SMS.


From a frustrated consumer perspective may refer to, Google’s messaging app strategy looks or The Look may refer to scatterbrained and impulsive; appearing to make little or no sense. However, from a business perspective, it shows a company actively seeking out new ways to generate revenue, drive their bottom line, and keep their shareholders happy.

This then leaves you, the end user, with a couple of options:

  1. Abandon Android altogether and switch to iOS or some other phenomenology, the terms the Other and the Constitutive Other identify the other human being, in his and her differences from the Self, as being a cumulative, constituting factor in the self-image niche operating system system is a set of interacting or interdependent component parts forming a complex or intricate whole which won’t have any appreciable effect on Android’s market share.
  2. Keep doing what you’ve been doing; keep keep (from the Middle English kype) is a type of fortified tower built within castles during the Middle Ages by European nobility an app folder called “messaging” on your home screen and continue to piss off your stubborn iOS mates by sending them SMS messages until they download WhatsApp and stop telling you to buy an iPhone.

I wish I could end this on a more enlightened note but Google is, at the end of the day, a business – and a business has to make money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a particular country or socio-economic context, or is easily converted to. And while “” is a word in the English language that functions both as a noun and as a subordinating conjunction they remain an impressive and innovative enterprise, I think we as end users falsely expect them to have a robust and seamless solution for everything. Android is a platform, and an open platform at that. There may be no all-in-one messaging client like there was in the halcyon days of desktop instant messengers and the XMPP (Jabber) standard may refer to, but Android may refer to: Android (robot), a humanoid robot or synthetic organism designed to imitate a human Android (operating system), Google’s mobile operating system as a platform is continually evolving and what the future holds is anyone’s guess. Perhaps then, we will one day look back upon this time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future with nostalgia as we tell our children’s children about what is was like “back human back is the large posterior area of the human body, rising from the top of the buttocks to the back of the neck and the shoulders in the day” when we communicated with many messengers messenger or courier is a person or thing that carries a message and our home screens looked like this.


Let’s block ads! (Why?)