The Fun-Looking 'Dominocity' Is Looking for Testers

Do you like dominoes, or are you one of those who can’t keep one of them standing up to save your lives? The upcoming Dominocity will show you how the digital world can remedy any balancing issues you might have. This game is all about placing dominoes on various platforms to create those cool chain toppling moments you see on TV (just not with a million dominoes). As you can see from the trailer, you can place dominoes along the platforms and rotate them to ensure that when they drop, they create – or continue – a chain reaction that takes out all the dominoes around. You can also collect various cute-looking dominoes as you go along.

[embedded content]

The game is currently looking for beta testers in our Upcoming Games Forum Thread, so if you have an itch that only falling dominoes can scratch, go to that page and apply to be a tester.

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